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Garry Sowerby

"What seems outlandish at first blush is almost normal if you are Garry Sowerby."

Bill Vance for Car Guide Magazine

Garry Sowerby graduated from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada with a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1972 and from there joined the Canadian Armed Forces where he trained as a pilot. He finished his four year stint as a Captain working as a Ordinance Engineer where he tested and developed prototypes for the military, including hovercraft and amphibious support vehicles. Upon rejoining civilian life he worked for the Department of National Defence in Ottawa as an Automotive Test and Evaluation Officer.

In 1978 Sowerby left his job and set out on a six-month journey through South and Central America, covering some of the world’s most difficult terrain in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia; then hitchhiked home from Panama. From this trip he discovered his intense interest in travel, became connected with grand adventures and began working on a way to combine these into a full-time vocation.

He found his answer by taking on great challenges of international scope, setting goals for himself that would lead to recognizable world record-class achievements and then attracting sponsors who are interested in supporting and becoming part of these grand treks.

Garry Sowerby welcomes the kinds of adventures that would make a few people envious and a lot of people scared silly. Dubbed by the media as the Indiana Jones of adventure driving, Sowerby has made a career out of personal challenge and high adventure by embarking on the longest drives on the face of the planet and completing them in incredible record-breaking times.

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