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You’re armed with bags of travel accessories, an upscale touring sedan and a list of 500 attractions. You are competing with fellow travellers for awards ranging from “Best Vacation” to “Most CharismaticTranslator” to “Best ‘Getting Lost’ Story”.

At enroute dinner parties, you swap stories of backroads and bar rooms. You plot strategy with your teammate, trying to come up with ways to ‘out-vacation’ the competitors. You hear tales of exotic dancers, encounters of the policing kind and rustic geezers. Some of you will get lost, some of you will get cranky, but unfolding out of your windshield is the bait that keeps you hooked.

Join us on one of the zaniest Road Trips you’ll ever take.

Odyssey International has taken its 44 years of global road travel expertise and translated it into designing trips that appeal to the discriminating vacationer who loves to drive.

Some of our memorable vacationers have included a Turkish palace renovator, a Canadian billiards supply mogul, a Tuvan throat-singer and a Mexican race car driver. We’ve also entertained a French chiropractor, a Guatemalan school teacher and an Israeli fashion designer!

Odyssey International’s motoring vacations get you out on the road with an eclectic mix of personalities.

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